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Welcome to RIA Services, Inc.

For years, employing the services of a professional money manager was only available to high net worth individuals. Now, average American workers have access to this important and needed service at an affordable price!

The Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Managed Account Services program allows third-party registered investment advisory firms — meeting certain administrative guidelines — to offer professional money management services directly to plan participants based on individual situations, goals and risk profile. These money managers take the burden of active investing off the shoulders of plan participants and place the responsibility under the firm's full discretionary control.

RIA Managed Account Services is made available through RIA Services, Inc., an affiliate of Nationwide Financial®. RIA Services, Inc. has developed a proprietary electronic transaction platform that links the money manager with the Nationwide Group Retirement Series Products and Programs.

RIA Managed Account Services is available in Nationwide Group Retirement Series Products and Programs including Nationwide Retirement InnovatorSM, Nationwide Retirement ResourceSM, Nationwide Retirement Clear AdvantageSM, Nationwide Retirement AdvisorSM, and Nationwide Retirement Flexible AdvantageSM, and Nationwide Retirement Innovator AdvantageSM.

For additional information on this exciting program please contact your Nationwide® internal wholesaler at 1-800-626-3112, option 1.